• Eleanor Wells

Today is Someday

I am getting older – aren’t we all? My life has been filled with lots of joys and some sorrows – hard times and easier times. I lived some of my dreams and seen other dreams shatter. I have made friends and lost friends. I have watched my children become adults and become parents themselves. I have been to the funeral of my father, my in-laws, and friends I love. I have held my grandchildren on the day of their birth.

I still have dreams – places I want to visit, things I want to learn, books I want to read, people I would like to meet… I am excited about the future but don’t look forward to the challenges of growing old.

I have realized that looking to the future is healthy. Setting goals keeps me motivated. Casting my eyes forward - rather than on the past - keeps me on the path.

Rather than focusing on what I would like to do, see, read, …. Someday……. I want to start moving toward those dreams, goals, wishes ……. Today.

You may want to begin that journey for yourself, however, journeys by themselves can be lonely. If you would allow me to join your journey, I would love that opportunity. As a coach, I can help you look forward, set goals and begin to realize dreams.

Today can be your someday.

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