Frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach. A coach can assist clients with specific professional projects, personal goals and transition points in their life. The coach assumes that individuals are capable of generating their own solutions, with the coach providing thought-provoking powerful questions to assist the client in self-discovery and developing plans of action that will help the client reach their desired goals. A coach is not a counselor, a consultant or a mentor but someone who encourages and supports clients. A coach helps clients analyze their current situation, identify existing and potential challenges and obstacles, and devise a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes. The emphases in a coaching relationship are on action, accountability, and follow through. Coaching is future focused – what and where you are going, rather than focused on why and where you have been.

A Coach is NOT:

A Therapist – deals with the past

A mentor – provides wisdom and guidance based on their own experience

A consultant/advisor –diagnoses problems and prescribes solutions - expertise driven

A trainer – imparts information

A referee or mediator – doesn’t solve conflicts

An evaluator

A Coach is:

A listener

A thinking partner

An accountability partner

A cheerleader

A member of your team - helping to develop to higher performance levels

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How do I prepare for a coaching session?

Coaching is client-led so coming prepared will make the session more successful.

Please be prepared for us to have an uninterrupted session. To be respectful of your schedule, we will start and finish on the agreed upon time.

Payment for the session should be made ahead of time to my Venmo account unless we have agreed on an alternative payment system.

The first question you will be asked is - WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO WORK ON TODAY? Please come prepared to answer that question with a specific topic you would like to explore during our time together. The answer can certainly be amended but will help us have a beginning direction. Typically, it takes about 2 sessions to “get in the groove”.

My role as coach is to ask thought-provoking powerful questions that will help you develop your course of action. We will focus on what is happening in the present, looking toward the future. We will not dwell on the past.

How many sessions will we have together?

I have found that 4-6 sessions are needed to develop an effective coaching relationship and accomplish the work desired. However, depending on your goals we can adjust our number of sessions.

Is group/team coaching possible?

Absolutely. Coaching with more than one person will be handled differently but can be very effective in developing team skills, communication techniques and group cohesion.

Is there a cost break in contracting for a coaching package?

Yes, individual sessions are the most expensive. Packages allow for a discount.