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Eleanor Wells


As a certified coach and a RN, I understand that the best approach to self care is NOT accomplished by yourself. Combatting burnout and compassion fatigue can be challenging and I am here to partner with you. 

Representative Clients

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“We loved working with Eleanor!  She provided two great workshops for our entire team (one virtual and one in person) and their impact on our team’s morale and mental health were exceptional.  It gave our team a framework to manage their stress and new language to understand the struggles of providing healthcare to those in need.  Our team continues to use the skills and we would highly recommend her. 

Jeff McCormick, Senior Director of Stewardship, Interfaith Dental


"Eleanor has a wealth of knowledge about burnout, compassion fatigue, and healthy nonprofit leadership. In our time together, I was always met with challenging questions, practical wisdom, and compassion for my journey. Her concern for me was more than just professional development. She was able to enter into my difficult time and walk alongside of me. I am grateful for the time that she invested into both my work and my personal life during a very dark time."

Sara Beth Fentress, Executive Director, 127 Worldwide

"Eleanor was so engaging to learn from! Although clearly an expert, her presentation was relatable and inspiring to embrace. I appreciated the natural flow as we moved from one concept to the next with tangible strategies to incorporate into my daily life. Eleanor was genuine, articulate, prepared, and had a great sense of humor. I look forward to more opportunities to grow through her teaching.

Amy Snow, DNP,CRNA

Director of Clinical Services, Nurse Anesthesia Department

Samford University

Sample Presentations



  • Lipscomb University - graduate certificate in Performance Coaching.
  • Samford University - BSN, RN
  • International Coach Federation - ACC Coach
  • Certified Compassion Fatigue Professional - International Association of Trauma Professionals

  • Compassion Fatigue Specialist (Therapist) - Traumatology Institute

  • Compassion Fatigue Educator - Green Cross Academy of Traumatology

  • Enneagram trained by Ian Cron
  • 30+ years of experience working with non-profits 
  •  extensive public speaking, teaching and leadership experience. 

The focus of Eleanor's work is Burnout and Compassion Fatigue. This is a direct result of many years of experience working for and consulting with leaders and other "professional helpers" and seeing the tremendous impact of such issues.

Helping Professionals are at great risk for personal consequences like burnout and compassion fatigue as a result of their work. These professionals often see self-care as selfish and therefore sacrifice meeting their own personal needs at the expense of filling the needs of others. However, their work can suffer if they are unable to bring a healthy integrated self to their job. Willard Gaylin, a writer, researcher, and professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, wrote in his book Caring that “To be cared for is essential for the capacity to be caring.”

Eleanor is passionate and committed to partnering with helping  professionals  - to care for them so that they are able to care for others.

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